Sony Vlogger Accessory Kit

Using this Sony vlogger accessory package, you may produce and curate remarkable content for the entirety of the internet. It comes with a wireless Bluetooth grip that can be converted into a compact tripod, allowing you to take photos of still subjects, selfies, and videos on the fly with ease and without the need for any assistance from another person. A 64GB UHS-II SD card is included in this package so that you may store all of your huge still photographs and video files.
A portable Bluetooth grip/tripod and a 64GB UHS-II SD card are included in the accessory set for YouTube creators and social media influencers.
Allows for the use of specific camera types while supporting weights of up to 1.5 kilograms (53 ounces).
You now have the flexibility to shoot material anyway you choose, without being limited by cables, thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 (2.4GHz).
By extending the incorporated leg, the grip may be transformed into a sturdy, table top, or tripod for operation without the need of the user’s hands.
You can activate the C1 button-assigned function on the camera by pressing the C1 button on the grip.
Allows for a speedy switch between the front and rear cameras, ensuring that you never miss an essential photo.
The flip button enables rotation of the grip head, and there are click stops at every ninety degrees, which makes it simple to fire in any direction while maintaining ideal stability.
The quick tilt feature can be adjusted to up to 80 degrees upwards and 90 degrees downwards as a grip, and it can be adjusted to up to 40 degrees upwards and 90 degrees down as a tripod, giving you the ability to establish the optimal camera angle to capture a broad variety of photos or films.
While you are filming, the lock switch will stop any inadvertent button presses from happening.
A button on the grip that acts as a remote control makes it simple to operate the camera.
Whether it’s mounted to a compact or mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, the grip has a contoured shape that allows for stable shooting and pleasant operation.
The indicator lights in the event that there is insufficient power to run the camera.
The design, which is resistant to both dust and moisture, makes shooting outside a breeze.
Grip is compatible with a variety of Sony cameras, including the ZV-1, the a9 II, the a9, the a7R IV, the a7R III, the a7 III, the a6600, the a6400, the a6100 series, and the RX100 VII/RX0 II (note: firmware must be updated)
Included in the package is a 64GB SD card that has a UHS-II interface and is compatible with devices that use that interface. It has a read speed of up to 270MB/s and a write speed of up to 70MB/s, allowing it to effortlessly manage huge files and 4K films.
The SD card has a classification of IP57, which makes it resistant to dust in addition to being resistant to rain and splashes.

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